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Custom Web Design

Our designs are all custom!  You can choose color and layout or whether you want traditional or contemporary, we do all the work for you.

Web Development

Devices come in all sizes in today's technology.  It is always a good idea to capture the whole audience.  Our website design covers all sizes.

Personal Support

Build Websites Cheap is privately owned and strives for greatness! That is why we answer your questions honestly, keeping you informed.


If you have an idea and want to get the word out to the millions on the internet, but don't know how to get seen online. That is what we do... We can create a complete website and get it on the internet for you at cheap prices. There is no need for you to create accounts, download software, learn new techniques or features. We do everything for you so that you can focus on your business. We can offer suggestions that may help you reach your online goals, only because of the many years of experience and website knowledge.

Every design is custom at Build Websites Cheap. We offer leading-edge custom creative website design and services to make your business a success. Located in Ohio, Build Websites Cheap is a smart choice for creative web design services that gives your company an edge over the competition online. We offer professional websites built at cheap prices to ensure you get seen online.

Working one-on-one with the designer, you will be able to watch the entire process as it is being created on your computer.  We have helped hundreds of companies, large and small, become competitive in the online market. We will make your website work for you, building trust and building your brand with an awesome custom website.
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1-3 Pages Custom HTML
Responsive Design
Standard Navigation
Maintenance (3X) Yearly
Standard Contact Form
Social Media Connects
4-7 Pages Custom HTML
Responsive Design
Custom Navigation
Maintenance (5X) Yearly
Custom Contact Forms
Social Media Connects
8-12 Pages Custom HTML
Reponsive Design
Custom Navigation
Maintenance (10X) Yearly
Custom Contact Forms
Social Media Connects
Content Management System
Data Base Driven
Credit Card Processor
Unlimited User Access
Custom Contact Forms
Social Media Connects
Learn The Difference Between HTML Websites and CMS Websites
A static (HTML) website is created by a designer and kept in a file rather than a data base. These sites are less expensive to create because they are hosted without the aid of a database. Many small businesses prefer static websites because of their low startup cost and because they can be fully customized.  This website is a HTML website!

A designer like Build Websites Cheap can use slide shows, galleries, videos, and graphics to aid in the customizing.  Where on CMS style websites a separate software called a plug in is required to add these functions

Whether a business owner chooses a static website or CMS is up to them. Many businesses do much better with simple, easy-to-use sites without all of the bells and whistles. Others may find that they need to use CMS with all that it has to offer in order to remain competitive. Business owners should study each style thoroughly before making a decision.

CMS is a good choice for businesses that wish to have more than a simple online presence. A company with the need for more complex features, like an online marketplace, may find that CMS is an excellent investment. Sites that use CMS can be made to be responsive and display on multiple devices.

Owners can often make quick and easy changes to these sites themselves without the need to contact the designer.  Information is held in a database that is then accessible via an administrator's panel (log in). This comes in handy when the owner wants to change items often or pricing themselves or assign someone else like a secretary or assistant to make changes.  This can also come in handy with multiple contributors to the website.

CMS is favored by many business owners because of the simplicity of updates. However, some business owners may not be able to afford the startup costs of this expensive alternative to web design, so they choose a HTML webdesign.
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How Fast Can I Get My New Website
Most websites can be built in 10-14 days depending on how fast your materials are sent to Build Websites Cheap.  There are no hidden fees, but of course, the more pages that you want or the the more detailed or custom website that you may want, it may cost a little more. All costs are exposed to the client before work begins so that there are no surprises later.  We use the latest design software, so stop trying to figure out how to build a website yourself and let the experts do it for you, cheap.

Why Use Build Websites Cheap
The answer is: You could build a website yourself, but...Most do-it-yourself companies and even Yahoo will offer free websites or discounted web hosting to get you hooked. But what they don't tell you is, that their software used to build a website is proprietary. That means that they (the company) owns the rights to that website that you have just built and you can not move it, even if you find a better deal somewhere else. So that means that you would have to rebuild that website again from the start on different software and try to make it compatible with servers and multiple browsers.

There are website building software programs out there like "Dreamweaver" that are excellent, but, range in cost from $299 to $4000 depending on your needs. Dreamweaver also requires hours of learning, a good estimate is 480 hours.  Photoshop is another really good website building tool. It's cost ranges anywhere from $299 to $700. And of course there is always an html editor program which is about $79.  Surely you can find these programs to build a website at a bargain price. But while you are spending time looking, you could have had your website built by Build Websites Cheap for as little as $399 completed.

What I Can Do For You
I will build you a website; You choose everything: Style, Color, Layout and Pictures. I will build it in about 10-14 days and when you are completely satisfied with the results, I will then publish it on the internet. At that point I will submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing using the latest XML site-mapping.

Just think of the possibilities and the opportunities you will have owning your own website. Just imagine that you own a small business or restaurant and someone visits your area and they don't know about you. Well, you will come up in the search engine and visitors can see your website that displays your location, phone number and the merchandise that you are selling. Sounds like new profits waiting to happen, and I can help you with that goal.

Now obviously I can not build a massive website cheap, nothing like Facebook or Ebay for $399.  But I can build a website advertising you or your business depending on your needs, including publishing it on your hosting plan (server). If your new website requires credit card processing or affiliations with merchants then it would be considered complex and, therefore would cost extra.  When you contact Build Websites Cheap, we will give you all the costs up front so there are no surprises.

Right Here in the United States
So many times people are faced with dealing with foreign countries to purchase things. Here at Build Websites Cheap we take that risk away. We actually build your website and show it to you before we charge you for it. That means that you are not sending money to unknown places and hopefully, just maybe seeing something in return. So if you want a website, here is a place where you get one-on-one correspondence with an American that understands, and speaks English.

Build Websites Cheap is privately owned and operated out of my home in the Toledo/Fremont Ohio area. Therefore I take matters personally and do exercise the right to refuse service.  Keep in mind that Build Websites Cheap only builds websites and publishes them on the internet. I do not market or advertise, therefore cannot be responsible for revenue generated on any or all websites.

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