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Build Websites Cheap Can Create HTML Sites That Are Responsive & Mobile Friendly

What Are HTML Websites

HTML consists of a series of short codes typed into a text-file by the site designer, these are the tags. The text is then saved as a html file, and viewed through a browser, like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. This browser reads the file and translates the text into a visible form, hopefully rendering the page as the author had intended. Writing HTML code entails using tags correctly to create your vision.

How does this all work?   Well, the chances are you're sitting at your computer looking at this web site through a browser.  Most likely you're using a browser called Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Safari.  A browser is a computer software program that can take you to different places on the web by typing in the URL of a Web page and clicking "go" or "enter" on your keyboard.  A browser also looks at the HTML tags on a site and translates those tags into what you're looking at now, a website. Different browsers interpret HTML tags a differently, so what you see on one browser is not necessarily what you will see on another browser. Your browser asks the web server of the URL you're trying to reach to send the information (Website) that you requested. The web server sends the information back to you and you see it on your browser, Wha La!

With the latest technology comes newer products.  Websites have become so advanced many times customers want those bigger technologies, but along with those features comes added costs.

For example:  If you need a souce for your customers to complete a log in process, or you the customer want access to the backside of the website in order to make changes yourself, or your website requires data bases then you would need to consider a "Content Management System".

These types of websites have become popular because they allow the customer to have access to the backside for modifications without the aid of a developer.  They also have pre-designed templates, where all that is needed is to add your content and pictures.  This makes it a better choice for shopping carts, especially if there are multiple items.  The pre-designed software and templates have modules that allow for shipping rates and credit card processing.

But all and all, it is a matter of your website needs. HTML websites are the original codes and remain in good standings with all search engines.  HTML websites provide an affordable avenue for customers wanting a presence on the internet but do not want to spend thousands of dollars.

Let Build Websites Cheap design the perfect place for you to showcase your idea or your company at the most affordable prices in the industry, no joke!
Examples of  HTML Sites
InCore Builders
Anna Maria Insurance
Digital Cable TV Solutions
EZ Trash Solution
Historical Fiction Library
My TV Wiz
The Tron Show
Health First Transport of Atlanta
Game Limos
In Flight Review
Route 66 Road Runner
Jet Set Diamond Brokers

Every website is unique, that is what makes them so fascinating!

1-3 Pages Custom HTML
Responsive Design
Standard Navigation
Maintenance (3X) Yearly
Standard Contact Form
Social Media Connects
Start-Up Custom HTML Websites

Because they are simple!  You can advertise an upcoming wedding or graduation, or maybe a birth in the family.  Some like the simplicity of them because there is not an option of getting lost in them.  Some people choose this to sell a single item or use it for a place to spread information.  This is a cheap way to start out and have your own website. Build Websites Cheap is ready to help you get started.

These 3 page websites are popular for the person that needs to have a presence on the internet to showcase their business.  There are just enough pages to let everyone know about services, maps to your business or information about you or your company so that customers are able to find you.

Start Up HTML Website Packages start at $399

4-7 Pages Custom HTML
Responsive Design
Custom Navigation
Maintenance (5X) Yearly
Custom Contact Forms
Social Media Connects
Standard Custom HTML Websites

These are the biggest seller.  With 4-7 pages there is more room to talk about what your website is about.  You can divide this one up into sections pertaining to different subjects.  Use this for a complete guide for companies, you would have more for the customers to look at or read.  By speading your content out on multiple pages, it keeps the visitor interested instead of boring them and losing interest because of cluttered pages.

If there are multiple fassets to your service or business, then this would be perfect for you.  This one gives additional pages to spread out information rather than making pages long and boring.  It also allows for more entries into the search engine, considering each page is considered another website according to Google.  With each page there is another meta tag, using more keywords and giving more opportunity for organic searches to become potential customers.

Standard HTML Website Packages start at $499

8-12 Pages Custom HTML
Reponsive Design
Custom Navigation
Maintenance (10X) Yearly
Custom Contact Forms
Social Media Connects
Custom Business • Pro HTML Websites

These websites are a little more difficult to build.  They require more time to build, sometimes up to 21 days depending on how many pages you desire.

This package will allow for 8-12 pages with slide shows, drop down nvigation bars, multiple pictures, wider layout, forms, basically all the bells and whistles!

Just as described with the 5 page websites, this gives more entries into the search engine.  The more pages...the more chances to be found in the search engine because there are more meta tags with more keywords.

Depending on your needs, Build Websites Cheap will work with you to lay out  the proper direction.  When choosing this option there may be ways to actually save money by sectioning information.

Anytime there are numerous pages the navigation can be less friendly, but, not with a drop down navigation bar.  This allows for as many pages as you want and does not confuse the visitor.

Business Pro HTML Website Packages start at $599

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