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InCore Builders
Dr Fowers
CA Safety Services
Anna Maria Insurance
Digital Cable TV Solutions
EZ Trash Solution
Historical Fiction Library
Hyperion Arms-Gunsmith
Hamdown Auctions
My TV Wiz
The Tron Show
Health First Transport of Atlanta
Game Limos
In Flight Review
Route 66 Road Runner
Oasis of Living Waters Ministries
Peace Services
Jet Set Diamond Brokers
Machining Solutions
American PowerClean

Every website is unique, that is what makes them so fascinating!

It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between HTML & CMS style formats where website design is concerned.  Both can be laid out in "Responsive" design, both mobile friendly, and the structure appears to be the same.  The only difference is that HTML uses coding and CMS uses plug-ins.  When using plug-ins for a CMS style website for every function like pictures, videos and sliders the costs can be overwhelming.

All of the websites in this gallery are made from HTML and it is hard to tell the difference. In fact, software has changed so much in recent years to mock each other. All in all, HTML is still the best bang for your buck because of the low start up costs. Besides the costs, HTML websites were the original format and they continue to prove their worthiness.  When strolling through our gallery, keep in mind that all features and functions are customizable and you can use different features on your project. This is just to give you an idea of the work that Build Websites Cheap can do and that has been done in the past.

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